I shouldn’t really do this but…who’s up for a Brokeback Mountain fic? (Kinda, sorta some spoilerish stuff?)

Okay, so I watched Brokeback Mountain again and decided that I wanted a fic where Jack doesn’t die…

So I kinda wrote this:

What if Jack Twist never really died? What if he couldn’t remember anything? Ennis must help Jack remember what happened. But is the truth more painful than the lie? Which will give Ennis and Jack their happy ending and which will destroy them forever?

I’ve been figuring out a plot and everything (when I should really be revising for tomorrow’s exams).

So who’d be up for it?

posted on May 20th   10 notes
  1. pseudobxy answered: oh god I’m scared to read it;my poor feels
  2. grhamwill answered: Yes please!
  3. mmmerlenoir answered: I wanna read that please. :)
  4. from-fools-to-sages answered: YES. Do it :)
  5. certainlygladtoseeyouagain answered: yes yes yes yes yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
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